Stratford Housing Authority

Location: Stratford, Connecticut

The Stratford Housing Authority has been an ‘on-call’ client of Antinozzi Associates for over three decades with numerous projects ranging from small renovation and upgrade projects in the residential units (interior door/frame replacements, new bathrooms, boilers and water heater replacements, stairs, kitchen upgrades) to larger projects (a new administration building, major roof replacement, vinyl sliding replacement, sidewalks, window replacement). The complexes where this work has taken place include Elm Terrace Apartments, Robert F. Kennedy Apartments, Shiloh Gardens, Hearthstone Apartments, and Baldwin Apartments.

In 2008, we completed new bathroom and kitchen renovations, roof and window replacements, and siding for Hearthstone Apartments, with only one change order requested by the owner for $1,576 for a $688,000 contracted amount. We have recently completed kitchen renovations and roof replacement projects at two other residential complexes.

In late 2012, we were awarded the design work for the Authority’s Meadowview Manor $5M facility improvements – now complete. The scope of services included numerous exterior/interior renovations such as bathroom and kitchen renovations, and door, window, roofing and siding replacement.

Within our On-Call contract with Stratford Housing Authority, Antinozzi Associates was also awarded the design work for the $3.5M renovations at Shiloh Gardens. The scope of work for this project includes numerous interior and exterior miscellaneous improvements. In 2018, the design work for Shiloh Gardens was submitted to CHFA for funding.