Savin Rock Communities (WHHA)

Location: West Haven, Connecticut
Six Properties
On-Call Services: Ongoing since 2015

Savin Rock Communities provides affordable living opportunities for individuals and families with the greatest housing needs throughout the City of West Haven. This includes seniors and disabled people living on fixed incomes, homeless veterans, and families with low income.

Our work for Savin Rock Communities (formerly West Haven Housing Authority) includes all six property locations:
Spring Heights Housing Complex
Morrissey Manor Housing Complex
Surfside Apartments
John Prete Apartments
Meadow Landing Housing Complex
Union School Apartments

Some of these improvements include: Interior Renovations, Exhaust Fan Projects, Window, Roof and Boiler Replacements, Heating System Upgrades, Elevator Modernization, Video Surveillance and Physical Needs Assessments.

These projects received HUD/CHFA/DECD and/or CDBG funding.