Rowayton Elementary School

LOCATION: Norwalk, Connecticut
AREA: 2,330 SF

This elementary school cafeteria renovation project was designed to capture the energy of the students, solve major acoustical concerns, promote healthy eat­ing, and improve lighting and ventilation, all while high­lighting the location of the school on the Connecticut shoreline.

A school of fish gathering throughout the space adds pops of color “under the sea” at the children’s eye-level. Simulated port holes are placed throughout the room and exhibit photographs that highlight local land­marks. The port holes are operable, so photographs can easily be changed at any time. A sperm whale, the state animal of Connecticut, breaches the surface of waves which draws the eye up to the high ceiling. The intent was to create a fun and engaging space for the students during lunchtime, but also during the morning and after school programs.

With a tight time frame from start of design to end of construction, we designed the space in concert with the PTA and District to ensure Antinozzi stayed within the original scope and budget.