Roosevelt Elementary School

Location: Roosevelt Elementary School in Bridgeport, Connecticut
Area: 85,000 Square Feet
Completion: 2015

Roosevelt Elementary School was designed to replace an aging and outdated school building bearing the same name. The Roosevelt project is a result of the City of Bridgeport School Rebuilding and Modernization Program, through which Antinozzi Associates has designed two other school buildings as part of the program. This new school will sit on the same existing 5.3 acre urban block bordered by three city streets and residential properties. The site will be accessible from two of the three streets. The new Roosevelt building will house 600 Students from Pre-K to 8th Grade. The $34.8M construction budget includes demolition of the existing 105,000 SF school building. Antinozzi Associates led the effort that enabled the demolition and new construction of the project to stay within the established budget.

Nestled in an urban neighborhood, the school is home to a racially diverse population. The theme of the school is “Paseo de los Ninos,” which translates to “Passage of the Children.” This theme is manifested in the sweeping corridor that serves as the main entrance, linking the commons building to the academic wing. The building also houses parent outreach and medical clinic facilities which can be entered independently from the facade fronting the street. Overall, the building will function as a new community center with multiple age play areas, a full gymnasium, a media center, a dance studio, and a cafeteria/performance arts space with a full adjacent kitchen. Also included is an exterior playing field and basketball court. The Roosevelt School received LEED Gold Certification from the US Green Building Council.