International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)

Location: Monroe, Connecticut
Area: 14,000 Square Feet
Completed: 2012

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers retained Antinozzi Associates to design a new headquarters, including offices, classrooms, and a large meeting room. The new location presented a few challenges. Town approvals were strict with zoning regulations due to the narrow and sloping site. Creating a model provided the commissions the ability to visually understand the design far better than drawings could exhibit.

The first floor of this two-story building features corporate offices that face the street, with five classrooms toward the rear of the building. The offices and main conference rooms are encompassed with frosted glass walls, which are transparent enough to let natural light in without compromising privacy. The second floor contains a large meeting room used for lectures and meetings. State-of-the-art audio and visual equipment were designed for optimal presentation viewing.  The four colors used for the exterior – green, blue, red and yellow – represent the four colors that are inside of a metal armored cable. Inside the main hallway, mathematical formulas stand out against multi-colored blocking walls, bearing the same four colors.  Metal ceiling grids follow the direction of the hallway.