Eli Whitney Technical High School

Location: Hamden, Connecticut
Area: 231,000 Square Feet
Completion: 2016

As part of the State’s plan to modernize the technical high schools, Eli Whitney Technical High School underwent comprehensive renovations to 140,000 SF of the existing facility, as well as received a 91,000 SF addition to accommodate 800 students.

The addition features a new two-story trade wing, configured and sized to meet current program and enrollment needs. The existing academic areas were renovated to create new classroom space. The trade areas, located in the academic area, was moved to a new trade wing. The overall design allows for the trade and shop areas to be located in one continuous space. Additional features of the $87M project include the central relocation of a new media center and auditorium addition, the renovation and expansion of administrative and student service spaces, and the reconstruction of the school’s athletic fields and parking areas.

Though we worked with Viridian Energy & Environmental to create a sustainably-designed, LEED-certified facility, the client decided during the design phases that Eli Whitney would not be LEED-certified. The school is designed, however, to implement energy-efficient systems throughout the facility.