A press conference was held to show the recently completed design of the new SquashBridge facility by Antinozzi Associates. Under the leadership of the Squash & Education Alliance (SEA), the new facility will be built at 1691 Main Street and will host three classrooms, seven indoor squash courts, and one outdoor steel squash court constructed with materials from Bridgeport’s Intsel Steel. Principal Michael Ayles (not shown), Senior Architect and Project Manager Manny Machado, and Interior Designer Brittney Dishian represented Antinozzi Associates at the event.

The Squash & Education Alliance is a network of 25 non-profit organizations throughout the United States that provide long-term support within the realms of squash (a sport comparable to racquetball), academics, college and career development, and mentoring. There are two other SEA squash facilities in Connecticut, in Hartford and New Haven. Bridgeport will be the third squash facility in the state and home to the regional and national center for the Squash & Education Alliance network.