Cranbury Elementary School

June 17, 2021 – Plans for the new Cranbury Elementary School were presented last week to the Norwalk Planning Commission, which approved the $45 million construction project in a unanimous vote. This project development was highlighted in an article written by Richard Chumney for The Hour / Hearst Media.

Antinozzi Associates Senior Project Manager Lisa Yates said the building’s facade, which will feature floor-to-ceiling windows made up of entry-resistant glass, will incorporate stone, brick and wood to reflect the “park-like nature” of the surrounding area. The school site is located in a largely wooded area just south of Cranbury Park. “It’s the kind of space where you like to be outside, so we like to have this feeling of bringing the outside in,” Yates said.

“Because of the way this school is used, we think it’s important to have it be flexible and modular,” Yates said. “It allows them to have their needs be met during a particular year, or in 10 years if things change. It’s really just future proofing the building.”

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