Norwalk’s Cranbury Elementary School held its grand opening celebration in time for the beginning of the 23-24 school year. The new 62,000 square foot facility was well received by all. In close collaboration with the, City of Norwalk, Norwalk Public Schools and the Owner’s Program Manager, Construction Solution’s Group (CSG), Antinozzi Associates, and its team of consultants designed the school within the beautiful setting of Cranbury Park. Principal-in-Charge,  Michael LoSasso, Associate and Senior Project Manager Lisa Yates, and Interior Designer Lauren Williams from Antinozzi Associates, along with representatives from Newfield Construction attended the celebration. Together, the design and construction team coordinated the logistical challenges of constructing the new school while the adjacent existing school remained in operation. Following the demolition of the existing school in the Fall of 2023, completion of the new school’s outdoor sports fields and parking are expected to be complete in Spring 2024.

“People just want to be in that space, the adults and the children, It’s so beautiful.”

Jenna Masone

Principal, Cranbury Elementary School