Antinozzi Associates Architecture & Interiors is proud to announce the promotions of two Associates to Director Level, three employees were promoted to Senior Associate and one promotion to Associate. All have contributed to the success of the firm and shown have demonstrated a diverse or special set of skills of value to the Firm, and achieved a level of professional recognition for their successful collaboration on the Firm’s projects with a high level of effective design, management, or leadership.

Patti McKeon, NCIDQ, IIDA, WELL AP was promoted to Interior Design Director | Senior Associate. She has been the firm’s primary institutional facility Interior Designer since joining Antinozzi Associates in 1998. Patti’s leadership ability, technical knowledge, and design proficiency makes her a key asset in successfully executing 21st Century Learning Environments and sustainable healthy spaces.

Kevin Matis, LEED AP was promoted to Technical Director | Senior Associate. He joined Antinozzi Associates in 1998 and has proven himself to be a great asset to the firm with his diverse talents, from project design coordination and building detailing, to establishing Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes and procedures. Kevin has managed all of the design technology for the firm, and his vast knowledge keeps the staff up to date with the latest hardware, software, and networking technology.

David Ferris was promoted to Senior Associate | Project Manager. David has proven his leadership, management, and technical abili­ties on numerous levels, from the minute details of a project’s design to the overall vision. His capability and competency in leading complex projects from their initial con­ception through construction completion is recognized throughout his work with consultants and Clients.

José Imery was promoted to Senior Associate | Project Manager. Besides his management on numerous projects throughout his career, Jose’s responsibilities included developing drawing review standards, filing standards, and maintaining quality control compliance on projects of all sizes. His breadth of knowledge and insight has helped guide project quality control from the schematic design pro­cess through final project closeout.

Brittney Dishian, NCIDQ was promoted to Senior Associate | Interior Designer. Brittney is well-known by colleagues and Clients alike for her ability to work closely and personally with each project to develop interior spaces that incorporate both effective functionality and creative aesthetics. Each space is carefully designed to comply with the Cli­ent’s mission and program requirements.

Lisa Yates, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB was promoted to Associate | Senior Project Manager. Lisa combines her design background, technical expertise, construction knowledge and collaborative team-based approach to successfully bring a complex assortment of ideas together into real buildings that function seamlessly to the Client’s programmatic needs. Lisa leads teams from initial planning, zoning and code review, into design development, and through the completion of construction. She enjoys teaching (and learning from) others while working toward a common goal with the entire design and construction team from tradespeople to end users.