Stratford Academy: Honeyspot House

Stratford Academy: Honeyspot House

Location: Stratford Academy: Honeyspot House in Stratford, Connecticut
Area: 34,000 Square Feet
Completed: 2009 (Design Only)

In March 2009, Antinozzi Associates was awarded the commission to conduct a feasibility study for the Honeyspot House facility located in Stratford, Connecticut.

The Stratford Academy: Honeyspot House facility includes Grades K-2; the Johnson House facility includes Grades 3-6, as well as the Pre-School programs. The primary goal of this study was to analyze the physical condition of the two existing buildings and site components, as well as create options to address future program deficiencies.

Meetings were held with school administrators, the building committee, and members of the community, to review and develop a space program, discuss specific curriculum requirements, and evaluate design options – ultimately resulting in three separate and distinct schemes. The effort was expedited in order to submit the Grant Application to the Connecticut State Department of Education by June 30, 2009. The current reimbursement rate at that time was successfully obtained.

The Town Council approved a new school facility (Scheme C) to be designed and constructed on the existing site.