Spring Glen Elementary School

Antinozzi Associates, Education Architecture, Spring Glen Elementary School, Hamden, Connecticut

Location: Spring Glen Elementary School located in Hamden, Connecticut
Area: 58,000 Square Feet
Completed: 2003

Antinozzi Associates was commissioned initially by the Town of Hamden to perform a feasibility study to help decide if renovations or new construction were the most effective solution. Upon comparison with the two options, building a new school on the existing site was selected by the Town and supported whole-heartedly by parents, administrators and town leaders.

Spring Glen Elementary School is a 450-student Pre-K through 5 facility. The early design process for this project included public workshop sessions to gain widespread support and knowledge of neighborhood issues. One result was the L-shaped configuration of the school to shield the site from a commercial area to the north, while the gabled pavilion shapes symbolize the character of the residential properties to the south and west.

In addition to the educational and administrative areas, the 58,000 SF school also features a cafeteria terrace, nature habitat, ball field, and playground.


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December 11, 2003