South End Elementary School

South End Elementary School

Location: South End Elementary School in Bridgeport, Connecticut
Area: 123,000 Square Feet
Completed: 2008

The South End Elementary School is housed in a fully-renovated structure built in 1965 by the University of Bridgeport known as Bruell & Rennell Halls. Although originally built as a residence hall, this facility has housed a number of educational and administrative uses during its lifetime. It now serves as a swing school for the first several years and then will become a magnet school.

The building is designed to meet the standard Educational Specifications for a 750 student PreK-8th grade school. These requirements were accommodated within the existing structure and a new addition. The existing building is 4 stories high with a basement totaling 112,854 SF. The new addition is an additional 10,481 SF. Programmatically, the uppermost level is comprised of Grades 6-8. The third level houses the intermediate Grades 3-5 and leaves the second floor to house primary Grades PreK-2. The first level houses administrative, media center, athletic and food service facilities. Maintenance, storage, and mechanical spaces occupy the basement. The basement also includes space for art, music, and performance art with natural light.

A completely new HVAC infrastructure, meeting all the City requirements, was installed as well.



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December 5, 2008