Saugatuck Elementary School

Location: Saugatuck Elementary School in Westport, Connecticut
Area: 90,000 Square Feet
Completed: 2004

Originally built in 1937, this 90,000 SF school previously housed Bedford Middle School but was converted into a new elementary school, Saugatuck Elementary School.

One of the largest challenges was to redesign and reconfigure the existing classrooms to make them grade-specific for the elementary level. A new front entrance was incorporated along with a completely reconfigured parent/bus drop-off area. The renovated building was designed to exceed the Building and Life Safety Codes with upgrades to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, as well as electrical, fire protection and handicap accessibility upgrades.

Though prior to State regulation, the building would have complied with today’s current USGBC LEED Silver design standards.