Greenwich High School

Greenwich High School

Location: Greenwich High School located in Greenwich, Connecticut
Area: 456,000 Square Feet
Completed: Fall 2001

Antinozzi Associates was retained in the mid-90’s to prepare an “Action Plan” to solve the physical and educational problems of Greenwich High School. These problems included the requirement for asbestos removal, the installation of a sprinkler system, and additional classroom space to accommodate an increase in enrollment and educational programs. The School Building Committee’s goal was to maintain the original architectural spirit of the building in all of the additions and alterations.

As a result, substantial renovations to the existing 366,000 SF building and additions totaling 90,000 SF were completed. The major feature of this project was the new 74,000 SF Science and Technology wing, housing 9 biology labs, 8 chemistry labs, 6 physics labs, technology spaces, a vivarium, an 80-seat tiered large group instruction room, and administrative spaces. Additional expansions included a new 6,000 SF central administration wing and a 10,000 SF addition to the physical education/athletics wing.

Continuous occupancy was of paramount importance in implementing this plan. The goal was to minimize relocation while maintaining a safe, non-hazardous environment for uninterrupted educational operation. The process was phased into 6 equal stages, one per year, and was completed both on-time and under the $40.1M budget.