Location: Norwalk High School, Norwalk, Connecticut
Area: 1,500 Square Feet
Completion: 2019

Norwalk High School became a fun added project for the Antinozzi Associates K-12 School Design Portfolio in early 2019. The City of Norwalk contracted our firm to provide design services for a variety of projects at the school. The City originally intended the Antinozzi team to make improvements, totaling approximately $11 million, to the technology, security and infrastructure of the existing 1971 school. While the City’s current plan to provide an entirely new high school interrupted most of these miscellaneous projects, the design and construction of a new Culinary Arts classroom was completed in 2019. The Culinary Arts Program at Norwalk is a popular career pathway program with a waiting list, so the classroom was launched as quickly as possible.

This completely renovated space, formerly the auto shop, greatly augments the schools existing adjacent culinary arts program and “Bear Claw Café.” Understanding and working with existing conditions was critical to the success of this project. The building structure is cast-in-place concrete, and routing of services from distant utility services and accommodating exhaust requirements in this ground-floor space required coordination and planning, so special attention was paid to long lead time items such as culinary equipment. Additionally, the building was occupied during all but a few summer weeks of construction. The team was able to tap into the existing grease trap installed for the existing culinary area to simplify site work.

The final project seamlessly incorporates new kitchen equipment with equipment purchased by the Owner, with work stations for 24 students and a full cooking line. Additionally, in front of the classroom seating area there is a full kitchen work station for demonstration, complete with a video monitor of the cooking surface set up for classroom or remote viewing.

Images provided by our Food Service Design Consultant, Raymond/Raymond Associates