July 23, 2020 – Since the onset of a global pandemic, school administrators have had to navigate the challenges of reopening their school facilities as well as managing day-to-day operations so that students can continue learning in the meantime. Apart from adapting to this new way of remote learning, there is a separate set of challenges in ensuring the school facility is designed in a way that facilitates good health and disease prevention. That is where we can help you, the school administrator, prepare your facility for reopening in the Fall. Now is the time, while students are on summer break, to make any necessary changes to the interior design of your facility. Administrators and faculty will need to begin enforcing heightened health, safety, and social protocols according to the guidelines provided by the CDC, but the school infrastructure will need to be altered as well.

With a focus on K-12 school design for over six decades, our firm has worked with countless municipalities throughout Connecticut – completing well over 250 school projects during this time.  We are here to help you adjust to new health, safety, and social protocols so students and faculty can safely reenter the hallways, classrooms, and common areas of your school facility. Reach out to us today so we can begin the process of conducting your facility study.